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Fear is the number one excuse I hear when people tell me why they’re not feeling motivated to do what they know they want to be doing.Keep Reading

Small Changes


Your life is one big game of cosmic dominos. Your parents went on a date, which led them to liking each other enough to make you, which led to you being here on this crazy rock we call Earth.

The universe functions on the law of cause and effect. Not the law of intentions and wishes.Keep Reading

Birds In A Cage

What cage have you built?

Our thoughts can either set us free, or keep us trapped.

So many people build a cage to keep their beliefs safe, and wind up only keeping their dreams from reaching their potential.

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So Far

It can always get worse. It can always get better.

What are you doing to make it one or the other?


Any time I can use technology to help me be a better person instead of accelerating the speed at which I can be a douchebag, I’m all for it.

In this instance, I want to talk with you about Momentum. It’s a Chrome plug-in that does a wonderful job of reminding me not to be a douche, and reminds me to be more of an awesome dude.

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