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Choose Your Pain

If life is suffering, pick a good reason for it.

What are you willing to suffer for? Everyone wants the success, but not everyone will go through the pain and hardships needed in order to create the success they dream about.

You either choose the pain of working towards success, or you choose the pain of a life lived in compromise.

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Away from Pain. Towards Pleasure.

At the most basic level, why do we do anything? What is the most fundamental element of motivation? What is the first principle of action?

In the most simple terms, everything we do is either to move away from pain, or move towards pleasure.


Check this little guy out.


This is a one celled creature illustrating the first principle of motivation quite nicely. One of the simplest life forms on the planet, and amoeba, is moving towards food — pleasure. If you were to add a drop of sulfuric acid to its environment, it would quickly move away from certain death — pain.Keep Reading