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Examine Your Life


If you don’t know why you make the choices you make, how can you be sure you’re choosing what is best for you?

Instead of being driven by circumstance, you can take control of your situation and direct your life towards your goals.

Birds In A Cage

What cage have you built?

Our thoughts can either set us free, or keep us trapped.

So many people build a cage to keep their beliefs safe, and wind up only keeping their dreams from reaching their potential.

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Success May Scare You

Sometimes an opportunity may scare you because it is out of your comfort zone. Do it anyway.

Even the people you admire, who you think have it all figured out, have learned to not let fear control their decisions.

So, if you are experiencing a lack of motivation, check in with yourself to see whether or not you are being controlled by your fears.

Have the courage to pursue success, and you’ll be So Motivated!

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

Sometimes magic is real.

This week I flew out to Vegas for a consulting job. It’s literally the job of my dreams. (Literally in the literal sense, not the figuratively literal sense.)

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Morning Running

5 Reasons to Wake & Run

Sometimes, motivation is like a 5 year old who only wants to play hide & go seek, but it’s really good at hiding. Here are 5 reasons I go running first thing when I wake up.Keep Reading