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Shake It Off

Shake It Off

Many people think that to fail is to be a failure. You’re only a failure if you don’t learn from the experience.

This little penguin learned rocks can be treacherous. You’ll figure out your stumbling blocks, too. (Then you learn how to avoid them in the future!) Pick yourself up, and SHAKE IT OFF!


KO your excuses!

Anyone else remember playing Mike Tyson’s Knock-Out?Keep Reading

Give Up

You should give up.*

On this site you will find plenty of motivational quotes to help get you fired up when you feel like you’re lacking motivation. Plus, I have explained the three basic components of motivation to help you maximize your output.

Without your hard work and effort, all the encouragement in the world boils down to little more than trite sayings that want to seem profound. If you blindly take it to heart, no matter what, that can lead to some major problems.

I care enough about you to tell you there are definitely times where you should just give up.Keep Reading

Lesson Failed

You can either fail, or learn a lesson.

The moment you begin looking for the lesson is the moment you stop failing. Failure is not the opposite of success; it is an intimate part of the process of being successful.

The only time you fail, is when you do not learn what the experience is trying to teach you.

Learn, and move forward.