KO your excuses!

Anyone else remember playing Mike Tyson’s Knock-Out?

It was simultaneously really fun, and incredibly infuriating. I’d spend hours trying to find each fighter’s weakness, and learn their timing. I just couldn’t figure it out.

Until I did.

Every time I tried a strategy, I’d see what works, and what didn’t work. Every time I’d get closer to the proper strategy for this particular problem.

This is exactly the same kind of analytic thinking you need to bring to your excuses. Your excuses will derail you, and knock you off track. The important thing, is to learn from every experience. Then put what you learn into practice, until that excuse won’t work any more.

You’ll level up to bigger and badder excuses to defeat, until you realize you’re the champ, and you KO’d your bad habits.

But don’t get cocky. There’s always going to be a new challenger, and you’re going to continue to make mistakes.

But they’ll be better mistakes and better excuses every time, and that’s all I can ask from you!

Knock them out before they knockĀ you out.

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