Helping People

“I really like helping people!”

That’s my answer when anyone asks how I got started with Motivational speaking and Leadership Development. It wasn’t until much later that I realized why I like helping people.

If there’s anything we can learn from every single person who has lived before us, it’s that we aren’t going to be here forever. Our lives are finite. Even if I spent every second of every day I’m alive helping myself, that is still a limited amount of good I can create in the world.

Imagine though, a candle lighting another candle. Now there is twice as much light as before, and it doesn’t cost anything from the first light. This is just like helping others. If I help someone else, and it creates good, then I’ve *doubled* the potential good in the universe. All the good created in the universe by helping others continues the effect outward into farther and farther concentric rings of awesomeness.

Every person I help multiplies my opportunity for creating good in an exponential growth pattern. So it’s selfish really; I want to live in the best universe possible, and that’s why I love seeing other people succeed!

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