Workout Tracker

In order to help myself maintain a healthy weight, I’m getting back into doing a more regimented exercise schedule.

I’ve been a fan of body weight exercises because they remove many of my common exercise barriers: they don’t need any equipment, I can do them anywhere (especially important while traveling, which I do a lot of), and I can always increase the difficulty when needed. 6 exercises are all you need to work out your whole body!

Knowing where you are is helpful when you’re trying to get somewhere else, so I created this Google Spreadsheet to track my exercises.

Freezing the top row allows me to scroll through the spreadsheet, and whenever the current date is at the top, the row color matches the header color of the exercise I’m supposed to do that day. Makes it easy to know what I’m supposed to be doing when. It’s even easier with the X’s on the proper exercise that I will fill in with notes about how many reps/sets I do each day. The blank rows are for Sunday when I do nothing.

Tracking calories is also a daily option. Including a cell for running stats also seemed like a good idea. Kettlebell exercises are also included because I’m playing around with one I bought recently.

It’s a simple spreadsheet, but I think it will be great for helping myself keep track of my progress. The spreadsheet embedded here will auto-update as soon as I make changes, so you can check back in and see my progress. This will (hopefully) function as a way to stay accountable.

What do you think? Have any questions? I’d love to hear from you!

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