Fitness Journal


I’ve been using this website as a way to stay motivated in my own life. There are a lot of changes I’ve been wanting to make, and staying disciplined enough to make regular updates here has helped me stay disciplined in my business and personal life.


Yesterday I did 20 chin-ups and 4 pull-ups.

5 months ago I couldn’t even attempt a pull-up.

2 years ago I was the heaviest I’ve ever been.

This year on January 28th (my birthday) I started cleaning up my eating, and started working out.

For the change in diet I cut out soda, starches, and sugar.

For the workouts, I’m only doing 6 bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere with virtually no equipment other than a pull-up bar.

I’ve been tracking my progress and documenting the information that will be helpful for anyone who wants to get fit without spending hours in the gym.

I did all the research for you, and will distill it to the essentials of what you need to know.

I’ll teach you how to


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