Any time I can use technology to help me be a better person instead of accelerating the speed at which I can be a douchebag, I’m all for it.

In this instance, I want to talk with you about Momentum. It’s a Chrome plug-in that does a wonderful job of reminding me not to be a douche, and reminds me to be more of an awesome dude.

Every time you open a new tab (which happens nearly every 90 seconds for me), it will show you a beautiful photo instead of your normal most-visited websites.

Also included is a personalized greeting. Today I was “Handsome.” You can put in your own name if you want to. Then you get to type in what one or two projects you want to focus on completing.

This way, every time you open a new tab, you’re faced with what you should be doing, rather than what you’re doing.

Momentum has helped me do a ton more pull-ups, back bridges, handstand pushups, leg lifts, squats, and pushups than I care to admit. Without it I’d be a quivering mass of jello. Now I’m slightly less gelatinous than I would have been, otherwise.

This is a great, unobtrusive plug-in that will help remind you that you can be doing all that awesome stuff that you know you should be doing.

I’m a huge fan of leveraging technology to make you a better person, and this is a great tool in the arsenal.

Install it here:

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