Small Changes


Your life is one big game of cosmic dominos. Your parents went on a date, which led them to liking each other enough to make you, which led to you being here on this crazy rock we call Earth.

The universe functions on the law of cause and effect. Not the law of intentions and wishes.

What you do helps shape our experiences while we’re alive. Your life right now is a result of the choices you’ve made.

The thing you have to understand is every choice you make is cumulative. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum where it won’t affect anything else. Instead, every choice you make piles up on the choices you’ve made before, and affects the choices you will make in the future.

Just like the gif shows you, a small change now has an amazing domino effect, and very quickly can result in bigger effects than you might expect.

Every time you are faced with a choice, remember its effects will have major influence in the future and ask yourself if that is something you want to live with.

If not, choose something better. Even a small change now can have massively beneficial effects later.

Understanding how our choices compound each other and create bigger & bigger effects in our lives helped me understand the things I was doing right now matter. They are important immediately; if for no other reason than how it will affect me later on.

Do yourself a favor, commit to even a small positive change and very quickly see the effects compounded.

Get out there and make good choices.

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